Welcome to PonoRez Hangout

Consider this site a resource for all the past, present and future of PonoRez. Please get involved and post your ideas for new and improved capabilities of the system. All users are owners and stakeholders in this co-op software.

Pono in Hawaiian means righteous, goodness, uprightness, morality, excellence, well-being, prosperity, welfare, benefit, behalf, proper, righteous, upright, just, virtuous and fair. PonoRez is software made for and by users. Providing the best services for the right reasons, make ticketing easy, accessible and affordable.

Click on a horizontal menu tab to view specific updates and/or requests by users interface.

  • Supplier => Businesses which own product being tickets through PonoRez
  • Agency => Businesses which are reselling these products, either collecting in full or simply referring the business
  • Web Designers => Businesses or individuals working for either a Supplier or Agency looking for technical tools for integrating booking forms on web pages and tracking conversions.

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