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Website Traffic Conversion Dos and Don’ts

DO:Have a Multiple Product Booking Form on the home page and above the fold to accommodate mobile devices.

Don’t: Require a customer click more than once to be on a booking form. Think of that returning visitor specifically looking to book tickets.

DO:Track conversions and traffic flow of visitors. Google Analytics is free with a clean interface.  Set up A/B testing once comfortable to optimize conversions.

Don’t: Operate your website blindly. Analytics reveals traffic flow information, conversion, and demographics about your site’s new and

DO:Have many ways and places to book tickets. The booking forms should funnel the customer to available dates with Book Now buttons.

Don’t: Require your customer understand back office short names for your products or that they have to search for available dates, no check availability buttons.

DO:Clean, simple design with easy to navigate menus. Make your site so simple your mom or grandmother could figure out how to book. Use pictures and illustrations to communicate instead of text where ever possible. Keeping text between 350-500 words.

Don’t: Overwhelm your potential customer with too much text,  complex calendars or require your customer to think too much to purchase.

DO:Attach positive customer behavior to discounting, like 10% off for booking ten days in advance, A3H’s the more you book, the more you save or support the organization by offering a discount only with the Shaka Gold Card.

Don’t: Reduce your products’ perceived value by discounting without rewarding a condition.

DO:Use descriptions and alt tags on images, relevant concise page titles, list keywords and make sure content is original and keep it fresh and always give credit to your sources.

Don’t:  Be sloppy by leaving off details, duplicate content, use photos without permission or  plagiarize.

DO:Have the price you see be the price you pay.

Don’t:  Shock your customer with a price increase on the checkout page and cause them to pause.

DO:Be compatible with everything on anything, mobile phone, tablet, Android, iOS, MAC, PC, Google, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Credit Cards, PayPal, Countries, etc…

Don’t:  Limit your customer’s access device, delivery or payment method.

DO:Make sure your pages, especially your homepage load quickly, within a second or two.

Don’t:  Overload your site with unoptimized images, hosted videos or uncompressed CSS.

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