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Blogging Ideas For the Visitor Industry

If you’re operating a Hawaii activity website these days, you probably know that it’s important to keep your website updated with fresh content. This is important for a variety of reasons, but chief among these reasons is for the search engine optimization.

While most suppliers’ content usually don’t change except for the occasional tour or activity closure, or introducing a new product or service, most of us have come to realize that having a blog on our website can easily provide fresh content for search engines.

But even then, blogging isn’t easy. This is especially true for supplier-owners who also maintain their respective websites by themselves. Sooner or later, the notorious “blogging burnout” rears its ugly head, and sooner or later, posting new content becomes something that’s put on the back burner and eventually forgotten.

So how does one avoid blogging burnout? Here are a few tips to keep your blogging efforts fresh, consistent, and interesting.

Comment on Hawaii news

Hawaii news may not be of interest to most Hawaii visitors, but from time to time, you’ll find one that’s of interest to them. A perfect example of this would be upcoming events that showcase Hawaii’s uniqueness such as the Waikiki Spam Jam, an upcoming Ho’olaulea, or the Merrie Monarch festival. Add a little information about why these events are popular and you have a veritable blog post in the making.

Do a photo blog post

You don’t have to stick to words all the time. Take out your mobile phone and snap some photos of your favorite local hangouts, restaurants, beaches and activities.

Create a video of one of your activities

And since you have a mobile phone, you might as well capture a few videos too. Take a video of how it’s like to be on one of your activities or tours, or do a walk-through of your attraction. Upload it on YouTube and voila! You have another way to attract potential customers to your website just by using video.

Share someone else’s blog post and provide additional information

You don’t have to always rely on Hawaii news to get fresh blog post ideas. You can also take a look at other Hawaii bloggers and their content. Link to a blog post and provide your own commentary, provide a different perspective, or add more information that you think would be helpful for your readers.

You can also aggregate a few blog posts of the same topic and provide tidbits of information as to why they caught your attention.

Provide tips for your potential customers on how to enjoy their Hawaii vacation

As a local working for the visitor industry, you have a tremendous opportunity to share valuable tips to visitors. You can talk about what to do and what not to do while on the island, or the value of doing one activity over another. It doesn’t matter if someone else has covered your topic or idea; the important thing to remember is that you’re showing off your local expertise and providing some value to your readers.

Answer a question

You probably have a treasure trove of questions in your inbox from your website visitors. If so, then you can use these questions to create blog posts, especially if they are asked most often by your website visitors.

Other Tips

  • Break up long posts into several posts
  • Are you feeling very creative this week? Create as many blog posts as you can and schedule them for publication ahead of time
  • Always include photos in your blog posts if possible.
  • Never steal content. Give credit when you’re using a photo or a blog post by linking to the source.
  • Share your blog posts on your Facebook fan page and Twitter
  • Encourage comments and questions


Do you have other blogging ideas that you’d like to share? Tell us through the comment section below!

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