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7 Social Media Content Ideas for the Hawaii Visitor Industry

Congratulations! You know the value of social media marketing in today’s competitive e-commerce world. You’ve set up a Facebook fan page for your business, started a Twitter account, and even set up Pinterest and Instagram accounts. You’ve also started blogging and read our post about blogging ideas for your industry.

But wait… you’ve also realized that social media also needs content so that you can attract new followers and engage the ones that you already have. You can’t just share your blog post or put in a good word about your business every day; that’s not what social media’s all about. So what do you do?

Not to worry! Here are a few content ideas that you can use to make your social media presence lively and engaging.

  1. Hawaiian facts and history tidbits
    A simple “Did You Know…” post about Hawaii’s history or something that most people don’t know can go a long way. Include unique cultural characteristics, myths and legends, and parts of the Hawaiian Islands that are off the beaten path.
  2. Upcoming events around your local area
    Local events are great for exposing your customers to Hawaii’s cultural and social environment. Follow a few local sources such as your local newspaper’s social media accounts to get up-to-date information about what you can share.’s and’s events pages are great place to start as well.
  3. Social media posts from other relevant or aligned social media pages
    Following other Hawaii businesses’ social media pages and sharing what they post for the benefit of your own followers is a quick way to get a post out of the way, especially if you’re short for time. It also builds goodwill with other local businesses and establishes relationships that you can benefit from in the future.
  4. Photos and videos from your business
    Your business is a goldmine for content for your blog, why not use it for social media as well? If you’re a company that provides experiences such as tours, rides, and cruises, a quick photo of the beach, a gorgeous scenic vista or even people having fun while at your place of business or doing one of your activities can do wonders.
  5. Create a “caption this photo” contest
    Got a few logo goods in stock? Great! Create a gift pack as a prize for a “caption this photo” contest. Ask your followers to submit a caption and share your photo with their Facebook friends. Select a winner randomly after a specific time period and announce it on Facebook.You don’t have to stick to logo goods either. An Amazon gift card, or even a few goodies from Hawaii will do the trick. And a photo-captioning contest isn’t the only thing you can do. Be creative! The main intent is that your photo gets shared and you get more followers in the process.
  6. Post a Frequently-Asked Question along with your answer
    Your social media profiles are also customer service channels. It’s a great way serve your potential and current customers by posting an answer to a frequently asked question.
  7. Share a client testimonial or review
    If you just received a glowing review about your business, post it on the web for your followers to see. Of course, don’t forget to thank your reviewer as well.

These are just some ideas that you can use to create content on your social media profiles. Check out Social Media Examiner’s “8 Social Media Content Ideas for Marketers” blog post for starters, or this other post There are more ideas that you can use by just doing a simple Google search, or visiting this other post from Oz Content.

What other ideas have you been using to great success? Tell us through the comments box below!

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